Records Online Availability

The following documents are available for online records search. If the document you are looking for pre-dates the following documents, please call or come by the Metcalfe County Clerk's Office.


Scanned Documents since February 2, 1933 (Deed Book 35). Indexed since 1933.


Scanned Documents since Oct 19,1979 (Book 52). Indexed since May 1973.


Scanned Documents since July 23, 2002 (Book 11). All Wills are Indexed.


Scanned Documents since October 5, 1988 (Book C). Indexed since 1988.


Scanned Documents since July 21, 1993 (Book 13). Indexed since August 1989.


Scanned Documents since July 2, 2001 (Book 4). Indexed since August 1989.

Oil Lease

Scanned Documents since September 1991 (Book 56). Indexed since August 1989.

Commissioner Deed

Scanned Documents since January 03, 2007 (Book 6). Indexed since August 1989.


All Plats scanned thru March 1, 2019. Search by Name, not Plat Number.

Fiscal Court Minutes

Scanned documents from Book 14 (June 10, 2008) to present.

County Order Book

Scanned Documents since October 23, 2007 (Book 20).

Deed Recording

Pursuant to KRS 382.135, effective August 1, 2008, all Deeds must contain a statement indicating the in-care-of-address to which the property tax bill for the year in which the property is transferred may be sent.

Marriage Licenses

The following requirements must be met by parties seeking to file a marriage license in the state of Kentucky:

  • Application for marriage license must be made in person by both parties.
  • Identification is required (driver's license or photo ID).
  • Both parties must be at least 18 years of age.
  • A fee of $50.00 is required for recording.
  • This license must be filed within (30) days of application.

Open Records & Meetings

The Kentucky Attorney General published an updated guide in June 2021 for Open Records & Meetings in Kentucky. That guide, titled "The Kentucky Open Records & Open Meetings Act: A guide for the public and public agencies" can be accessed at the following link.

Open Records & Meetings Public Guide  

Open Records Policy  

Open Records Request Form  

Records Search

Effective April 2015, there will be a charge to view and print documents from this website.

Records Search  

County Clerk Records

County records, including deeds and marriage licenses, are kept at the County Clerk's office.

County Clerk Records

Many of Metcalfe County's records are now available electronically through this website.